This class will provide opportunities for students with special needs to listen to, move to, and create their own music in an exploratory setting. Students will review/be introduced to basic music concepts including keeping a steady beat, playing various percussion instruments, naming the instruments of the band/orchestra, and identifying different sounds (soft/loud, high/low, fast/slow, short/long, etc.) Music activities in class will reinforce physical and academic skills taught in other areas. Playing instruments will aid students’ fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Music and movement can increase students’ balance and playing in an ensemble will assist them with socialization skills.  Teachers will work with district special education teachers who are familiar with your child to identify a musical and academic goal(s) we might help them learn during our class time.  If you have any questions, please contact: Abby Thompson,

Required Materials: NA

  • July 9, 2018 - July 13, 2018
    8:30 am - 10:30 am


17880 Marcy Street, Omaha, 68118